Monday, 24 January 2011


I came across the idea of a loose pocket last year whilst on the Julie Arkell workshop at Les Soeurs Anglaises in South West France. I thought Julie's pockets were both useful and lovely and as the year progressed I kept coming across others!

Above : - a patchwork pocket from the V&A quilts exhibition book, Julie Arkell's pocket, Ellie Evans' pocket and a lovely amulet bag by Tinctory - a kind of tiny pocket for precious treasures worn as a necklace which my Mum got me for Christmas.

Julie embroiders words on the pockets and on a lot of her work, Ellie combines documents printed (her own family documents or a clients when commissioned) onto vintage fabric and highlights important phrases by embroidering them . Eva, (tinctory) uses hand dyed, pleated silk to make her jewellery in this case the tiny bag meant to keep treasures close.
Here is my first attempt! Started in Boston sitting sewing with Kate and Jamie and finished over Christmas .......
Made from part of an old black denim waistcoat, a piece of antique french fabric (see the bigger piece to the right which we were shown as Les Soeurs Anglaises last summer) some lace, binding and a portion from a victorian metal beaded trim - all bought from Sandia at Rag Rescue. The fringe on the strap is a Wallace & Sewell ribbon with layers of binding and denim. Im pleased with the results - though in my head it was more pouchy with laces to pull the front pocket together and the back pocket being less floppy. Maybe next time .....